Blog #1: Small Businesses

Sanjeev Jindal understands what small business owners need because he was one himself. As a self-made success, Jindal has the unique perspective to fight for small businesses.
COVID-19 has been a constant, unrelenting threat to local entrepreneurs. And while the city has provided some financial relief, it is not enough to stabilize the situation. The city needs to allocate comprehensive support to help local businesses stay open. Jindal will advocate for policies that will uplift small sellers, like commercial rent control and COVID-19 financial support, to assist the vibrant local entrepreneurs as they recover from COVID-19’s economic toll.


Blog Post #2

Crime rates continue to rise in NYC, and people are increasingly more afraid to perform basic tasks like taking the subway or walking at night. Public safety is of utmost importance to Sanjeev Jindal. He will give the police department the resources and tools they need to protect citizens, particularly by mending relationships between the NYPD and the neighborhoods they look after. Jindal understands the importance of a diverse coalition supporting public safety efforts, and he will ensure that the diversity seen in NYC is also represented in NYPD.


Blog Post #3

Vaccine distribution must be the top priority of 2021. It is essential that NYC distributes them quickly and equitably. Sanjeev Jindal wants to expand NYC’s health care system, combat disparities, and improve quality of care for all New Yorkers. Jindal cares for the health of his NYC community just as he does his family. Because of that, he is the right man to trust with this challenging task. He will ensure that frontline workers— doctors, nurses, hospital staff— receive the PPE they need to stay healthy. He will fight for the rights of essential workers, first responders, and healthcare workers. He will treat the pandemic seriously, following the science and listening to experts.