Small Business Empowerment & Financial Independence

Our small businesses have suffered this year, and have not had adequate financial assistance to remain open and grow. While some loan programs have helped, the city needs to help find more ways to support them so that we do not lose the neighborhood stores that are so important to our communities. Working closely with business improvement districts and other business associations, we can work together to help attract customers back and bring in new ones from other areas.

In recent years, far too many businesses have been forced to close down or relocate because of landlords who raise rents by the thousands. In the years to come we must implement commercial rent control so that businesses are not threatened with severe rent increases that cause them to vacate their spaces.

We must also encourage other New Yorkers to find financial independence through their own entrepreneurial efforts. Both the state and city have ample resources available to those looking to start their own business, but there is little promotion. I will work directly with small businesses and those looking to form their own companies to share my own experience starting a successful business and put them in touch with the appropriate resources.


Public Safety

As we see crime rates continue to rise across the city we must ensure public safety by appropriately funding the police department and giving them the resources they need. We cannot allow cuts to the NYPD while more and more people are afraid to go outside or take public transportation. Our subways need an appropriate amount of police officers so that those traveling on them every day, including our essential workers, are protected.

We must also work with stakeholders in every community to foster better relationships between officers on the ground and the neighborhoods they serve. Our city is diverse, and all communities should be represented in our police department. Greater recruitment of officers from neighborhoods throughout the city can help form a deeper bond between officers and the areas that they serve.


Improving Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the health care disparities that exist across our city. I’ll fight to attract more local health care options to provide a more direct level of care to patients at an affordable rate so that residents have access to preventative care.

As we work to vaccinate as many New Yorkers as possible, I’ll work to ensure equitable distribution and that we continue to take measures that curb the spread of COVID-19. The city must ensure that outreach is done to immigrant communities and information is printed in languages that are prevalent in different parts of the city.

Our essential workers, like doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff, must also have adequate access to PPE so that they are able to work in safe conditions without the fear of getting sick. I’ll work with the city to ensure that there is funding for PPE for our first responders and that they are adequately paid for the work they do. They have worked hard to keep us safe throughout this pandemic, they should be paid a fair wage.

Early Childhood Technical Education

As we know a child is like a clay mold, we can shape them however we want in their formative years.

We strongly believe that the future lies in the hands of our children, and the best years are during their elementary schooling.
To ensure they get trained at this stage we must introduce technical education at this stage in order to train them for their respective fields in the future as today, the world runs on technology and we mustn’t let our children our future lag behind.