Prioritizing Vaccine Distribution in 2021

Vaccine distribution must be the top priority of 2021. It is essential that NYC distributes them quickly and equitably. We must expand NYC’s health care system, combat disparities, and improve the quality of care for all New Yorkers. It is critical that we prioritize the health of our community just as we do our families. Our city must ensure that frontline workers— doctors, nurses, hospital staff— receive the vaccine so that they are able to stay healthy. I will fight for the rights of essential workers, first responders, and healthcare workers and continue to treat the pandemic seriously, following the science and listening to experts.

The next City Council Members will have to drive recovery, and determine the next steps to ensure that we do not see a resurgence of COVID-19 while preparing for the risk of future pandemics. I’m prepared to make sure we do just that.

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